Water Activities


For beginners or to get a quick taste of snorkeling head on over to Kahalu'u.  The beach is nearby, very popular, lifeguard on duty, and easy safe entry to the water.

Once you get your feet wet (literally), these are the top two spots for snorkeling on the Kona coast:

Kealakekua Bay - You can travel here either by tour boat, kayak tour (must have a permit), or a 4 mile, strenuous hike.  Check out this great guide for the hike

Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau (Two Step)

Located near the national park, two step is named because its literally two steps to enter the water and see amazing wildlife!

More info here 

Offshore Diving

There are countless charter options for offshore undersea adventures.

Our personal recommendation for offshore diving is Kona Diving Compnay.

Almost all dive companies offshore night dives or snorkeling charters with the goal of encountering a Manta Ray.  Although the odds of encountering Mantas are never guaranteed (this is the wild!), when you do - it is a magical, breathtaking experience.  Kona is one of the few places in the world where this is possible, so do not hesitate to book!

Most charters will leave from Honokohau harbor, which is a twenty minute drive away.  These boats generally travel to manta feeding grounds near the airport, which is twenty minutes on a speed boat.

For extra convenience, they're a few companies that depart from Keauhou harbor, which is just 5 minutes walking distance away.

For boats leaving from Keauhou harbor, they travel to different feeding grounds, just five minutes from the harbour, so don't worry about a long adventure!

The charters leaving from Keauhou include:

- Anelakai Adventures (Traditional Canoe)

- FairWind (Large boat)

- Seaquest (Smaller boat)

Other Activities

Other fun recommended activities include Parasailing, chartering a fishing boat (endless options ranging from shared to private luxurious), or even renting a boat for those with previous experience.